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I discovered Patricia several years ago and have been an incredibly loyal client ever since (even after making a move up to West Palm !!!). She truly knows skin, it’s problems, and how to resolve them in a way that’s not just healthy or clean, but organic. All of her products are both very high end and very effective without any of the toxins, chemicals, dyes, or fragrances that exist in so many of today’s products.

I got married this last June and was going to her twice a month in order to have perfect skin on my wedding day (I suffer from occasional horomonal acne along my chin/jaw line and there’s really not too much I can do for it) and I really did have the flawless skin I was dreaming of. The makeup artist told me that there was nothing for her to even cover blemish wise and I received hundreds of compliments about my “glowing skin” and perfect complexion.

I still try to get facials once a month or every six weeks just for upkeep and I won’t go to anyone besides Patricia. I have never met anyone like her that can assess your very specific skin needs and help you achieve your dream skin. Everyone needs to go to Patricia !!!!! *(posting a picture from my wedding day and then makeup free on my honeymoon)*

Anisa M September 7, 2018

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